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Antabax Celebrates and Tees Off SportsUnites’s Gua Caya Lu Golf 2019
Personal care brand backs healthy lifestyle and unity  

Antabax, Malaysia’s no 1[1] Halal antibacterial personal care range celebrated its fifth year sponsorship of SportsUnite’s Gua Caya Lu Golf 2019 of this unique golfing vent held at the Templers Park Country Club. 

SportsUnite’s Gua Caya Lu, based on a famous Malay Language saying of ‘I trust you… we are one’ entering into its fifth year, which drew 120 golfers of different races, to play with the spirit of fellowship and unity, foremost. 

This year SportsUnite introduced doubles blind draw format, where the organizer will do the blind doubles draw immediately after all golfers have teed-off.  Golfer will only know their respective partners upon returning to the club house after the game.  The combined stableforth points of both golfers in each blind pair will be used to decide the winners. The doubles stableforth points format comprising a pair of amateur golfers from different races is the first of its kind in Malaysian golf. 

The spirit of fellowship and unity prevailed throughout the event with strong camaraderie and new friendships formed in keeping with the aims of the organisers.

According to Francis Ng, Senior General Manager, Household and Personal Care, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, the event offers a great platform for the brand to promote unity, diversity and most of all active lifestyle. 

“Antabax takes pride in promoting healthy and active lifestyle for Malaysian, through many partnerships and campaigns such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, through interactive and innovative campaigns to promote hygiene to everyone in Malaysia,’ says Ng. 

SportsUnite is a non-government organisation registered under the Sports Commissioner of Malaysia with the aim of organising sporting activities to promote unity, fellowship and racial togetherness among Malaysians.  The club celebrates its 12th anniversary this year.  Most of SportsUnite activities are open to children at no charge. 

“We appreciate the continue support from Antabax.  The partnership allows us to promote unity through sport activities.  The sponsorship provides a gift of health for those who loves active lifestyle,” says Dato’ Dina Rizal, Chairman of SportsUnite Sports Club. 

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