Thursday, February 14, 2019


[TGV Giveaways] Here's your chance to win a pair of tickets to experience the extended universe of The LEGO Movie exclusively in LEGOLAND Malaysia or some exclusive premiums! All you have to do is: 

1. Upload a picture of your ticket stub / booking ID. (a minimum of two (2) movie tickets to watch The Lego Movie 2 in TGV Cinemas.) 
2. Like, Love or Wow this post. 👍♥😱 3. Share this post. 
4. Tag 2 or more awesome friends you watched / would like to watch the movie with in the comments section and answer this question: - 
Which part of the Lego Universe would you like to be a part of. (Eg: The DC Lego Universe.)

 Contest ends 17th February. *Terms & Conditions Apply:

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