December 05, 2018


🎅Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town‼️😊😊 But...He lost his way!!!😱😱 Help Santa to find its way to SDS for Christmas🎄 Celebration‼️ Join in SDS Christmas Card Drawing Contest 2018, and use creativity to draw the story‼️😍😍 Attractive prizes🏆🎁 included SDS X'Mas meal, trophy and more are waiting for you‼️

📣📣Register before 5 Dec 2018 to enjoy early bird price at RM12.80 nett!!🤑🤑Price inclusive of special kids meal 🍽️and free goodies🛍️.

Click here to register👉

SDS will provides drawing blocks. You're strongly encouraged to bring own drawing material and small tables.

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