13 June 2017

# info sihat



How to drink water ? As per Sunnah. The sunnah way of drinking water is ...
  1. Drink water with your right hand
  2. Drink water by sitting
  3. Start drinking water with saying Bismillah
  4. See the water before drinking
  5. Drink water in 3 sips
  6. Remove utensil from your mouth after each sips
  7. After 3 sips of drinking water,say finally Alhamdullilah

Benefits of Sunnah Of Drinking Water by Sitting and with 3 sips of drinking water.
  1. Kidneys never fails
  2. Knees are functional
  3. Backbone is always strong
  4. Heart Valves never stop
  5. Mind is always active 
  6. Boosts immune system
  7. Maintains regularity
  8. Help to lose weight 
  9. It's save money
  10. Improves human skin
Subhaanallah share this benefits with everyone and do remember us in your Dua

"Yaa Allah the person who did this publicity for this Sunnah of sitting and drinking water,reward him & his family with good health & grant him the reward of Maghfirath..Aamiin..."

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