Buat kekawan semua di bulan Ramadhan ini jom kita layan lagu-lagu Arab yang sedap di dengar...

You came to me in that hour of need
When i was so lost,so lonely 
You came to me took my breath away
Showed me the right way,
 the way to lead
You filled my heart with love 
Showed me the light above 
Now all i want is to be with you 
You are my one true love 
Taught me to never jugde 
Now all i want is to be with you
ALLAHUMA ! Sal'ala Sayideena Mustafa 'Alaa 
Habeebika Nabieeka Mustafa 
ulang c/o
You came to me in a time of despiar
I called on you ,you were there 
Without you what would my life mean
To not now the unseen,the worlds bewteen
For you I'd sacrifice for you I'd give my life
Anything,just to be with you I feel so lost at times 
By all the hurt and lies 
Now all i want is so to be with you
ulang c/o
Showed right from wrong 
Taught me to be strong 
Need you more than ever Ya Rasul Allah