07 July 2017



Long ago,there lived a beautiful young couple.They loved each other very much.They wanted to have a child.At last the woman was expecting a baby.At the back of the couple's house,there was a garden.It belonged to a witch and was surrounded by a high wall.
The garden was full of flowers,herbs and sweet fruits.But nobody dared to go there because of the witch.The young woman feel ill when she was expecting the baby.She lost her brought lots of goodies for her,but she did not touch anything.One day,the young man said "Dear,what should i bring to cure you?''
The woman said,"Only one herb,Rapunzel,can cure me,but it grows only in the witch's garden."
Then husband was scared to go there,but he was ready to do anything for his wife.He waited till it was midnight.Then,he jumped over the wall and reached the witch's garden.
He quickly snatched a few sprigs of Rapunzel an hurried towards home.He gave the herb to his wife.She became well.But after some days,she again fell ill and asked her husband to bring more Rapunzel.So once again,the man entered the witch's garden.As soon as he pulled a few sprigs of the herb,the witch appeared there.She screamed at him.The man informed her about the illness of his wife.He requested her to allow him to take some Rapunzel for her.
The witch agreed,but said,
"You can take it,but in return,you must give me your first born baby."As the man was scared,he agreed to the condition of the witch.
After a few month,the woman gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.At that time,the witch appeared and said
"The little baby will be called Rapunzel,"Then, she carried the baby and went away.The mother and father could no do anything.They could only watch their daughter from the window.After some years,Rapunzel grew up into a beautiful young girl.She had very long golden hair.
When Rapunzel became twelve years old,the witch feared that she might go back to her parents.So,she locked her in a tall tower in a dense forest.The tower had no doors or stairs.There was only one window at the top of the tower.
Only the witch visited her daily to give her food and water.She used to stand at the bottom of the tower and shouted,
"Rapunzel ! Rapunzel ! Let down your hair and help me climb up."
Then Rapunzel would throw down her long,beautiful golden hair for the witch to climb up.One day, a young prince saw lonely Rapunzel singing in the tower.Attracted by her beauty and sweet voice,he thought of climbing the tower.
That night, he went near the tower and called out,
Rapunzel! Rapunzel ! Let down your hair."
Rapunzel thought that it was the witch.She threw down her hair for the witch to climb up.When the Prince reached her room in place of the witch,Rapunzel was very scared.She had never seen a man before.
The Prince introduced himself and asked why she lived there all alone.Rapunzel told her sad story to the Prince.He decided  to help her escape from the tower.He wanted to marry her Rapunzel said,
"Can you bring some silk yarn.I will make a strong rope with it and then both of us can escape from here."Next day, the Prince brought a bundle of silk yarn.Rapunzel started to make a rope.As she was very happy,the cruel witch became suspicious.
She kept a watch on Rapunzel and found the Prince climbing up the tower.Next day,she took a big scissor and cut off Rapunzel's beautiful hair in anger.Then,she took Rapunzel to a lonely valley and left her there.
Later that night,the witch went back to the tower and waited for the Prince to come.After some time,the Prince came and asked Rapunzel to throw down her hair.The witch threw her hair down.As soon as the Prince climbed up,she laughed wickedly and said,
"Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Your love is gone! "
Then she threw the Prince down from the tower.The Prince fell down on a thorny bush and was blinded.
For many years,the blind Prince wandered in the forest in search of Rapunzel.
One day,he heard somebody singing a sweet,but sad song.Suddenly,he recognised,
"Oh ! Its my Rapunzel!"
He followed the voice and found Rapunzel.
She was also happy to see him.As her tears of happiness fell on the Prince's eyes,he got back his eye sight.He took Rapunzel to his place and married her.
He also brought the parents of Rapunzel to his palace.Everybody lived happily forever.

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  1. rapunzel..rapunzel..let down your hair..dialog yang terngiang-ngiang dari dulu hingga kini..